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The Morning After

Results from yesterday:

Toronto FC 3 : 1 DC United

Argo’s 27 Blue Bombers 8

Leafs 2 Flyers 5

If you would have asked me yesterday who I thought would win out of the three Toronto teams in action, I would have told you that the Leafs had the best chance! This proves that I have NO clue when it comes to sport predictions!! The Buds got smoked, The Boatmen smoked and The Reds did what they needed (for a change) to get the victory.

Now I’ve really been enjoying the Leafs success this year but to think they were going to continue winning for the rest of the year would be a little optimistic. Yes they won their first 4 but to me, didn’t look all that good doing it. There were some lapses that fortunately enough did not end up costing them but if they keep up the lapses (and they have) they are going to lose a few more games before the season is over. Captain Phaneuf, who has been extremely ordinary this year, must step his game up and cut out the mental gaffs. I think he was beat on at least two of the goals last night.

The Argo’s have had an up and down type season. They perform well one night and show some real signs of turning the corner. Then the next night they shit the bed! So frustrating!!! Hopefully they can get hot in the playoffs and win a few but a Grey Cup WILL NOT be hoisted by an Argonaut this year – trust me! At least they made the playoffs which is more than I can say about any other team from the T Dot for the past few years! Good on ya Jim Barker and crew!!

So last night marked the end of a soap opera type season for TFC. They beat a team that they lost to when the game actually meant something. DC United was by far the worst team in the league and they came to BMO and left with full  points earlier this year. Absolutely unforgivable. Aside from TFC getting the win, last night was very special for one of the more successful players in MLS history. Jaime Moreno played his last game for DC United after 16 years of service, leaving after scoring an MLS record 133 goals in 277 appearances . Apparently he would like to continue playing but at age 36 I think he needs to think long and hard about it – this aint golf you know!

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  1. Flip
    October 25, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    You should probably have two separate blogs if you are going to talk about the Leafs, TFC and the Argos. TFC and the Argos could go on your minor league blog along with the Marlies and the 35 people in Toronto who follow these teams could focus on just that.

    The good news is on your Pro Blog, where you talked about reals teams like the Leafs, Raps, and yes the Blue Jays you could include golf talk there. 🙂

    Love the blog. Keep it up.


    • October 25, 2010 at 7:45 pm

      Thanks for the encouragement buddy! I’ll take the TFC/Argo 35 people part with a grain of salt though. I mean you are an American ex-pro golfer after all!!

      Thanks for passing by and for the feedback!


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