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Who Should I be?

CSKA Moscow vs Miami Heat #0447

Image by __Dori__ via Flickr

Lebron James has put out a new commercial to get people to sympathize with his situation and I’m kinda feel’in it to be honest. In the commercial Bron Bron asks the viewers who they want him to be even though the choice should be nobody’s but his own. You can’t be everything to everyone! Poor guy is barely into his mid 20’s and the world has all these expectations of him to be the person who makes the choices that they would make. But what about Lebron? Doesn’t he have a say on who he is? Don’t you get to work for the company that you choose by sending a resume? Haven’t you ever been targeted by a headhunter and left your job for a better one? All Lebron did was get drafted without complaint to a market that was already far too small for him even when he was in highschool, play out his rookie contract, sign an extension and play his heart out for the whole time.

All of this rewarded him with ZERO championships.

So then when he realizes that he may not be able to accomplish his career goal he decides to play for another team that he feels may be a better fit for him then BOOM, he’s as loathed as Tiger Woods or Michael Vick.

I don’t think anyone can blame him for looking out for himself in sports today. Teams cut ties with players all the time and justify it by calling it a “business decision”. Lebron was well within his rights to take his show to another city – a business decision. However, you are missing the point King James. It’s not what you did; It’s how you did it. C’mon man, a nationally televised hour long show to tell Cleveland that you’re bouncin down to Miami? Not to mention all the whoopla that went on in Miami when the new Miami Heat were introduced. Now I’m a Raptor fan and I couldn’t watch CB4 (now CB1 – lol)  introduced as a member of the Heat – and we all know Bosh is SHIT and did nothing but play mediocre ball while he was here!! I can only imagine the way the people in Cleveland must have felt. Even if your agent or the media was behind the whole marketing campaign, did you have to dangle a nonexistent carrot in front of your fans in Cleveland? Why not say when being grilled before “The Decision” was made official, “Hey Cleveland, thanks for the love you guys but I’m not sure about my future here. It may be time to move on.” or something to that effect. A Facebook update or Tweet would have sufficed – no?

Oh well, what’s done is done and Lebron is now down south and happy. I just wonder if his mom is still happily riding West!

Aint karma a BITCH!?

  1. Mitch
    October 26, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    The thing that LBJ has to realize is that it’s not really that he left…maybe to Cleveland fans it is but to the rest of the sports fans it’s about the way he left… staging a 1 hour special to leave Cleveland is just a slap in their face…

    • October 26, 2010 at 12:51 pm

      100% Mitch! It’s not what, it’s how!

      btw – Your trailer in my neighborhood is fine! Checked it on my way to work!!

      • Mitch
        October 27, 2010 at 12:33 pm

        hahah that a guy… keep the vandels away!

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