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Raptors showed signs – but not enough!

So I was wrong with my prediction for the Raps game last night but I was right about a few things and over-looked another major issue.

First off, although it didn’t happen in the fist 5 minutes of the game, it did happen within the first 5 minutes of the second quarter – within David Andersen’s first 5 minutes in the game. Amare Stoudamire was on his ass after being clocked by Mr. Andersen in the post.  Andersen was assessed a Flagrant 1 and Amare didn’t have an impact in the game until the mid-point of the fourth quarter. Maybe Andersen didn’t hit him hard enough!?  Now I’m not trying to say that we need to play dirty and rough to win but we do need to play a very physical hard-nosed type of ball. We need to fight for every inch we get and that’s what Andersen was trying to do.

Demar Derozen. Where did you go my friend? You tried to dunk on two people and ended up on the line and then nothing…..YOU NEED TO BE AGGRESSIVE FOR THE ENTIRE GAME. If not, you will not have an impact on a game AT ALL – like last night.

Amir Johnson – 4 cheap fouls in the first half  – not good enough

Leandro Barbosa looked good and sparked the team in the second half. You can tell however that he’s not 100% healthy. Did show his versatility and class (as we say in the soccer world).

Sorry, not going to rate every player – this aint TSN.ca!

One major factor that I over-looked is coaching. Love our Canadian boy Triano but D’antoni made a mess of him last night. Why did it take so long for Triano to figure out that Bargnani or Amir Johnson cannot guard Wilson Chandler? Dude had his way with us and dropped 22 easy points. Meanwhile Sonny Weems and Linas Kleiza were chilling out guarding Gallanari on the perimeter. Chandler is much more mobile than Gallanari so why not put the much more mobile players on him? It would have made for a cool Italiano vs Italiano dual – Bargnani wins that all night!! Things like this will kill our team. There is little or no room for error on Triano’s part and last night he wasn’t good enough.

Lastly, I went to the final pre-season game at the ACC (The Miller trailers are sill ok!) with my buddy Flip against the Bulls and we couldn’t believe what we saw (and it was not because we were hammered). Reggie Evans had 9 boards at the half! We both said that there is NO way he does it in the regular season. Reggie had 16 boards last night! Great job buddy – but you still took too many shots (2)!


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  1. Flip
    October 28, 2010 at 11:42 am

    The Junkyard Dog rule is now the Reggie Evans rule…..

    If you can’t dunk it, Don’t shoot it!

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