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“Thank-You Kessel”

Last nights frustrating loss by the Leafs to the Bruins was a VERY bitter pill to swallow.  First of all the Leafs carried the play for the most part but couldn’t get anything by Tim Thomas. He looked like a wall at times. He made his impressive GAA at the start of the night even better – hard to believe because it started out below 1.00.  Anyone else notice that whenever the Leafs play anyone, it looks like it’s Mr. Veizna in net for them? What’s the common denominator here? THE LEAFS! Every goalie can’t be hot so that must mean that the Leafs simply can’t score. Without Clarke MacArthur’s hot start and Phil Kessel, the Leafs may have only scored a handful of goals on the year. We definitely need more scoring from other players. the only question is from where? Grabovski, Kulemin, Versteeg and Bozak need to step forward ASAP. Or Burke needs to make a deal (like the rumoured Brad Richards deal) . To me our wingers need better pivot men than Grabovski and Bozak to get them the puck. A call up for Nazim Kadri perhaps? Not sure this will fix things because like Burke and Co, I don’t think Kadri is ready for the big stage quite yet.

Not sure if anyone else noticed but last night the crowd in Boston was chanting, “Thank You Kessel”. Why are they thanking him you ask? Is it because they loved him so much for his time in Boston? Not quite since they also boo’d him every time he touched the puck. They were actually thanking him for not agreeing to a new contract with the B’s opening the door for a trade to the Leafs for some draft picks. You know who one of the draft picks turned out to be? The scorer of Boston’s second goal of the night – Tyler Seguin. This guy looked really good last night; better than Kessel I might add – and he’s only 18!! What made it worse is that he’s a “Home Town” boy hailing from good ole B-Town (no not Boston but Brampton – Ontario). For those of you who don’t know, Brampton is considered part of the Greater Toronto Area. Brain Burke, why can’t we have more players or even a captain from Toronto on the Leafs? Reason = Toronto is not an American city and Burke has a hard-on for American born players. I wonder if Dion Phaneuf has Yankee roots in him. Maybe when Burke acquired him from Calgary last year he had his beer goggles on!! Who knows?

Anyway, I just want to correct the fans of Boston. They should not have been chanting, “Thank You Kessel”. They should have been chanting, “Thank you Brian Burke” or “Thank-You MLSE!”

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  1. Flip
    October 29, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Our record is 5-3-1 right?

    Cheer up!

    • October 29, 2010 at 9:41 pm

      Flip, when we end the season and we have a 60% win percentage then I’ll “cheer up”. I don’t want to get ahead of myself here – like many other fans in Leaf Land!!

  2. guru
    October 29, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    First off its a sign of the times that our lives have come to us having this discussion on a blog as opposed to at a bar with a big screen tv watching this very subject and having a beer or three. In any event leafs played a good game and against another goalie may have got a couple of goals but maybe not sometimes we took to long to pull the trigger even the last game we may not have won if the ref makes the right call on goalie interference. As per kessel its a good deal first off he is by far our best offensive weapon without him we are bottom of the standings and challenging the devils for best non scoring team in the league. Second you will say we would have seguin well he is a potential star but unproven and who knows how he will develop. Three lots of leaf fans are playing armchair qb when we made the trade for kessell we expected to finish better than we did if the leafs won more games and we ended up with the 8th or 10 th pick then burke looks like a genius

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