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Is there hope for Toronto as a destination for American Athletes?

Big up all Dreadlocks and Baldheads!

Just wondering is there hope for Toronto as a viable place for Athletes other than Hockey players to want to come here and ply their trade. And this is in reference to those of the NBA persuasion. We know for hockey we are the mecca but Hockey is Canada‘s game. TFC although we don’t yet know how to win we are one of the model franchises in the MLS. And the CFL is for players who can not make the NFL but need to get paid. Baseball differs as it gets the summer to itself. But as for Basketball are we merely a place to showcase your talents until you can make it to another destination preferably in the US? I mean when you are making a zillion dollars does it really matter about the exchange rate and the taxes, how much do you really need to be happy. Are the top level nba players  really living that much more of a fullfilling life than say a mid range NBA player in terms of the amount of deniros to live well. I mean you can live quite comfortably on 5 Mil a year in Canada right or even a few hundred thousand? (Ask Pinball) I mean Canada and more specifically Toronto is a world class city, you get the publicity of an entire country that focuses on you and its got to be better than the small market US cities, I mean we are on the East coast, man we got Bieber and Drake whats hotter than them? Oops they left too sort of?  Stoudamire leaves for Portland, – call it homesick because they can’t be a bigger market than T.O., Vince leaves call it .. I don’t know what, when he left he was the most popular player in the NBA, he had Nike, Gatorade, we got national coverage because he was “Air Canada”, then he became the face for Cottonelle, softer than a babys bottom. Now we get Bosh, who claims he left so he could get more publicity and play with LBJ and Wade. I mean you make your market. If your team is good and you are good, people want to see you. “Cleveland is …Cleveland” in the words of Yannick Noahs son that plays for the bulls. Who was watching Cleveland games prior to LBJ?, even when they had a steady playoff team with hot rod williams and those dudes, not many outside of Cleveland. However when they asked Wade if LBJ said come to Cleveland, lets form a super team, Wade was like “leave Miami and go to Cleveland, I got a ring bro – hell no”. But would he leave say Toronto for Cleveland? I would hope not, how about you Mr. Bosh? Stooge-mire left, then Vinsanity hit and who did not want to watch Raptors games then. NJ is a big market but who is watching the New Jersey Nots Games, not even Jigga and Beyonce who are obligated to watch that crap. They played the Miami Hate on the weekend and managed to get assist after assist by passing to Wade and Lebron and co, oops those are turnovers no credit for passing to the wrong team. It all comes down to making the most of what you got, where you are. Toronto will be the destination for all players who are not US born, Europeans, South Americans, will love Toronto for its multiculturalism and ethnic make up that will always provide a group that can embrace these athletes that no US city can provide but perhaps that very Canadian quality is what prevents the US athletes from coming and staying. Having said that, this is Canada and lets face it, a leaf loss will always be on the cover page even over a Raptor win.

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  1. November 1, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Until you get that, what I refer to as “George Bush” syndrome – where the idea is that if it’s not the US then it doesn’t matter – out of the American basketball players head, nothing will change.

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