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Boston vs Miami – Episode 2

All right I was wondering how this game would pan out. Game 1 featured a rusty Wade and the first game together for the new Miami Hate. I figured the story might be different this time as Wade was rounding into form and these guys now had a handful of games together. However it seemed to be a repeat of the first game with Boston getting a big lead and Miami playing catch up. However I came out of this game with an appreciation for the Boston Celtics that I never had before, mostly because I am a die hard Laker fan and don’t like to give Boston any credit. However Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are clutch and their experience taking big shots is priceless. Time and time again they responded to Miami with big shots that would have otherwise changed the momentum of the game and that was the difference. Lebron played strong and made shots as did Wade but they could not keep pace and when a clutch shot was called for they could not sink it. Had they made these shots at these crucial times then they may have been able to win the game but Boston decided when they needed to score they would do just that, regardless of what Miami thought about this.

The other major difference between these teams was the toughness and the Basketball IQ. First off Boston is a lot tougher especially with the addition of Shaq and Jermaine Oneal. These guys do not let teams just run through the paint or take the ball to the rim. And when you play the Hate who have the two best guys at taking the ball to the rim this becomes even more effective. Twice LBJ took the ball strong the rim and he got hit twice by the two biggest guys on the Celtics Shaq and Big Baby. Luckily for LBJ he is built like a brick or he may have not got back up. Look at the “dutty, dutty, dutty, yo yo” dunk that little Rondo threw down. No fear of getting hit and even so I would rather get hit by Bosh than Shaq any day. Bosh arrived just in time to inbound the ball on that play, he was totally unaware, Bosh needs to grow back the dreadlocks.

The other noticeable difference was the offences of the two teams. Boston shot the ball quite well so Miami did not get to rebound and fast break as much as they would have liked. When you saw both teams set up in their respective offences you could see that Miami pretty much give the ball to Wade or LBJ and they drive and create or most often take a tough shot, they hit them but the degree of difficulty are shots that only they can make. Boston however passed the ball a lot more which resulted in open shots for most of their plays. Ray Allen often had open shots that came as a result of good screens and passes. Paul Pierce took the odd tough shot but that is what he does and he does it well and he does it when he needs to. At the same time Rondo has excellent court vision and can create easy shots for teammates or make the first pass that three passes later winds up in an open shot.

Toughness, smart play and clutch shooting. This is what wins now and in the playoffs and Miami will have to look at games like this and learn from them if they want this thing to pay off for them. Season will be nice.

Big shouts to Panhead, in my NBA rankings earlier I did not have a number 5 team and I did not mention Utah as I looked at them without the alcoholic, I mean Boozer and figured they would not be as good. But Utah seem to be effective with whomever they have out there and Milsap is stepping up to fill those shoes. By the way Utah only came out East this week and beat Orlando, Miami and Atlanta – Utah you get my five spot for now.

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