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Is this the real Michael Vick

Not a big football fan but I am a sports fan and therefore tend to watch all sports as this is the best reality television. I had to say something about the Monday night football game which saw Mike Vick and the Eagles take on McNab and his new contract and the Redskins. Its always nice to watch games where players take on their former teams. You want to see who comes out on top, the player or the management. Well give this one to the management as Vick came out and blazed McNab and the Redskins. For a team to trade a player is one thing but to trade a player to a team in your division who you will face multiple times during the season is a real slap in the face and a statement to how crap you thing the guy is. Its like sending your wife to your neighbour and coming home each day to see her next door with the dude chilling on the lawn with him.

In any case Michael Vick has made believers out of the football world with his performance thus far. Fortunately for him Kevin Kolb got hurt and he got a chance and the Eagles have not looked back. Kolb is a capable quarterback and Vick would have likely remained the second string QB barring a real bad performance from Kolb over a period of games but other than Kolb getting injured if he remained healthy I don’t think Vick would have got the starting role. Even after the first game when Kolb got injured and Vick came on and played well, Andy Reid stated that Kolb was still his #1 QB.

Well now Vick has shown consistency and proved this was not one fluke game and is giving the Eagles a real shot at contending and with the supporting cast on offence that he is this team can definitely score with the best of them. The Monday night performance was a real display of offensive potency and the Eagles looked like they might put up 100 points on the Redskins. 28-0 at the end of the first quarter. Now that’s a beat down but as good as the offence was, they were aided by the offensive ineptitude of the Redskins. I mean these guys could not complete a first down which meant they could not move the ball, which means the Eagles were working with excellent field position each time. However having said that the Eagles made them pay and were scoring at will, I am not talking field goals I am talking touchdowns and they were making big plays and accumulating some serious yardage. Now given the Redskins defence was pretty bad but I think it was more a case of the Eagles making them look bad than the Redskins playing bad. The Redskins offence for the first half at least was definitely much worse than their defence.

But back to Vick, this game was a real coronation for him as this was a Monday night game shown nationwide and he showed that he is a Quarterback that can run and not a Running back that can throw. This was the debate before but he is showing that the debate is over, this dude is for real. He is living up to the hype and this QB like Steve Young said could be something special now that he is learning how to read games better and throw from the pocket. Time will tell if this year we are seeing the real Michael Vick, like Lebron he has something to prove. He was out of the game for almost 2 years as last year he was a guy with good seats to Eagles games. But now he is here and he is telling everyone that this is the real Michael Vick and I for one believe him.

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