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Time for a Quickie?

Leafs keep it alive, Raps SUCK, Jays look ok’ish…but will never win it all again – EVER, nervous about TFC, could care less about the Uefa Champs league since the Gunners (Arsenal) are out, March Madness is upon us – Go Red Storm and finally, head shots MUST be addressed by ALL sports. It is clearly a problem.

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  1. Guru
    March 16, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    Come on T.O. aint representing in any sport, right now we projected to finish last for everything and anything above that is an accomplishment. Forget championships we just trying to make playoffs. We cant even win number 1 draft picks. All we got is the Rock and that Lacrosse is a hobby for most of those guys who have real jobs. It will get better, why? cause it cant get worse. Leafs got a shot but probably wont make it and miss out on a good draft pick in the process. Raps – good luck at least we aint Cleveland. Blue Jays I have faith in them but not this year! Argos could win because its the CFL just need a guy who can somewhat play QB. Go Rock!! The best thing repping the T.O. is Drake!

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