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Barcelona and Messi gives United a lesson in Football 101

Wow the much hyped Champions league turned in to a total domination and made one team look like a MLS team and the other like one of the best teams of all time.

It is arguable that the current edition of Barcelona may go down as one of the best club teams ever assembled. Barcelona has been at the top of Europe for the past 3 seasons and look to be there for quite some time. The champions league final being played at Wembley gave United a slight home field advanctage but even that did nothing to help United who almost seemed like there was no hope for them in this contest, which is tough to say as Man United are also one of the best club teams in the world.

Other than the first 10 mins of this game, Barcelona dominated and Man Utd. seemed to spend the entire game running around like clowns to get possession of the ball. Even when Man Utd. gained possession, their inability to string together more than 4 passes in sucession made it a long night for them. I did not even know who was on the field for Man United as they had so little possession there was little mention of the players from the commentators other than the goalie, Van der Saar.

The statistics speak for themselves as the possession was about 2-1 in favour of Barcelona and the 3 goals were world class and Man Utd. always seemed like they were defending and on the back foot. Messi looked dangerous everytime he had the ball and his dribbling ability enabled him to blow by Man United defenders at ease. They almost seemed scared to move as Messi ran at them for fear of getting deked out of their shoes (like P-Nani did on the 3rd goal of the game).

Barcelona appears to have the complete football team from back to front and will definitely be at the top for years to come. Messi did seem to me to be overrated early in his career but now the accolades are deserved and he does have the potential to become legendary at the level reserved for Pele and Maradonna. He is already on pace to surpass them in terms of club and individual trophies, if Argentina is able to win a few world cups during the Messi era he will become the greatest of all time assuming he continues to perform as he has up to this time.

As for the game I think this Manchester United team were not as strong as some of their past teams but yesterday they were not even in the same league as Barcelona and looked totally outclassed. You could almost sense the feeling of hopelessness from the Utd. players as Barcelona continued to toy with them and do what they wanted on the field.

On a side note for those fans watching the telecast in Canada on sportsnet was it just me or was their a 2 second video delay that made everything the commentator said happen 2 secs before the video feed so you actually knew what was happening before you saw it on the TV! terrible job sportsnet!!

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  1. May 30, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Ya the TV feed was horrible. It started out a bit behind the play and they over-corrected it making the commentary ahead of the action on the feild.

    Overall, I agree with your thoughts. Barca is one of the best teams in the world and clearly showed it on Saturday. In my honest opinion, Man U almost over-achieved in making it to the Finals. Mind you, any other team in the finals vs Barca would not have yielded a different result.

    I just loved watching the midfield rotation between Xavi, Messi and Iniesta.

    I’ve never seen so many 4 foot passes that worked!

  2. sandro
    June 10, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    I think that might be the best team of all time. I followed them through out the Champions league. And when you have the giants of football like Real Madrid, just trying to hang on and kill the game in hopes of getting just 1 goal off the counter, that’s a special team.

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