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Suarez actions disgraceful

February 11, 2012 3 comments

Well as a lifelong Liverpool fan I am at a crossroads with the Suarez fiasco. The way the club continues to try and sweep under the rug the whole situation is disappointing and thats coming from the top down from Ownership to Dalgleish to his teamates.

Suarez’s refusal to shake hands with Evra in todays match was ridiculous and made a bad situation even worse. He obviously has no remorse for what he has done and does not seem to understand the situation. His actions today confirm to me that he is guilty of what he is accused of and he sees no wrong in what he did and would likely repeat his actions.

As a Liverpool fan and hater of Man United, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he said something that was taken out of context, maybe there was some misinterpretation, maybe he was being accused of something he did not do and being called something he is not? However this is not the case. He has admitted to what was said and the comment he made was racist. He has said something that could only be said to a Black person and it was offensive and to me that is racist and unacceptable.

Its 2011 and racism has not gone away, sure times have improved but you look at the growing amount of Black players playing in the premiership and professional leagues accross Europe and there is a continuing trend of Racism in soccer. FIFA has had to publicize the problem and promote anti-racism campaigns to create awareness but you ask the Black players playing in the Soccer leagues across Europe and they will tell you it has always been there. The alarming thing is that players are also getting caught up in the racial exchanges now! Before it was limited to the fans yelling from the stands.

I can speak from personal experience and my other Black friends will tell you too. I have been the victim of racial comments and seen other Black players get called certain names. I think in any sport where there is some physical contact the chance of racial comments being spit out is there. As passions arise often people in the heat of the moment will say hateful things. However when race is involved if the White guy kicks you well he is most likely the asshole or the fucker, but the Black guy who kicks you well he is the Nigger! However if you are not racist well the Black guy he will be the Asshole too! (I believe in equal opportunity in insults too).

There was an article that came out in the paper shortly after the Suarez incident trying to minimize the situation. I beleive it commented on Suarez’s past and his “positive” relationships with Black people. Back in his country one of the most popular Black soccer players is called “the monkey” and this is considered a term of endearment. Well if his society calls a Black player “the monkey” and does not see that as racially problematic then Suarez is simply a product of his enviroment because in my world this is a racist comment and sums up the problem in general. The Caribbean and the America’s were founded on a history of racism thorugh slavery. These racist ideologies have carried over for centuries and form the social structure of all countries outside of Africa. To a degree these views have been internalized by Black people and Africans themselves as certain views have been implanted by the opressors as a means to control the opressed.

Bottom line is that Racism is a problem within society in general so the fact that it carries over to the sports arena is expected. The problem is greater than Soccer and we all have to do our part to make things better. Suarez is lucky he was playing in the Premiership in a professional league where soccer is a career and not a pastime. If this was a amatuer soccer match there would not have been anyone shaking his hand and he would likely have not made it to the end of the game. However violence is not the answer, never has been. Compassion, empathy and understanding of one anothers history and siutation is what is needed. We now live in a global economy so racial and cultural cohesion is a must. We live in a time now where we are more aware of differences than ever before and we must use this as a postive to improve harmony among one another.

Happy Black history month to my BLACK people take some time to learn YOUR history. Happy Black history month to ALL people and take some time to learn MY history and maybe one day it will be taught in schools together with what is taught now as OUR history!

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