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Suarez actions disgraceful

February 11, 2012 3 comments

Well as a lifelong Liverpool fan I am at a crossroads with the Suarez fiasco. The way the club continues to try and sweep under the rug the whole situation is disappointing and thats coming from the top down from Ownership to Dalgleish to his teamates.

Suarez’s refusal to shake hands with Evra in todays match was ridiculous and made a bad situation even worse. He obviously has no remorse for what he has done and does not seem to understand the situation. His actions today confirm to me that he is guilty of what he is accused of and he sees no wrong in what he did and would likely repeat his actions.

As a Liverpool fan and hater of Man United, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he said something that was taken out of context, maybe there was some misinterpretation, maybe he was being accused of something he did not do and being called something he is not? However this is not the case. He has admitted to what was said and the comment he made was racist. He has said something that could only be said to a Black person and it was offensive and to me that is racist and unacceptable.

Its 2011 and racism has not gone away, sure times have improved but you look at the growing amount of Black players playing in the premiership and professional leagues accross Europe and there is a continuing trend of Racism in soccer. FIFA has had to publicize the problem and promote anti-racism campaigns to create awareness but you ask the Black players playing in the Soccer leagues across Europe and they will tell you it has always been there. The alarming thing is that players are also getting caught up in the racial exchanges now! Before it was limited to the fans yelling from the stands.

I can speak from personal experience and my other Black friends will tell you too. I have been the victim of racial comments and seen other Black players get called certain names. I think in any sport where there is some physical contact the chance of racial comments being spit out is there. As passions arise often people in the heat of the moment will say hateful things. However when race is involved if the White guy kicks you well he is most likely the asshole or the fucker, but the Black guy who kicks you well he is the Nigger! However if you are not racist well the Black guy he will be the Asshole too! (I believe in equal opportunity in insults too).

There was an article that came out in the paper shortly after the Suarez incident trying to minimize the situation. I beleive it commented on Suarez’s past and his “positive” relationships with Black people. Back in his country one of the most popular Black soccer players is called “the monkey” and this is considered a term of endearment. Well if his society calls a Black player “the monkey” and does not see that as racially problematic then Suarez is simply a product of his enviroment because in my world this is a racist comment and sums up the problem in general. The Caribbean and the America’s were founded on a history of racism thorugh slavery. These racist ideologies have carried over for centuries and form the social structure of all countries outside of Africa. To a degree these views have been internalized by Black people and Africans themselves as certain views have been implanted by the opressors as a means to control the opressed.

Bottom line is that Racism is a problem within society in general so the fact that it carries over to the sports arena is expected. The problem is greater than Soccer and we all have to do our part to make things better. Suarez is lucky he was playing in the Premiership in a professional league where soccer is a career and not a pastime. If this was a amatuer soccer match there would not have been anyone shaking his hand and he would likely have not made it to the end of the game. However violence is not the answer, never has been. Compassion, empathy and understanding of one anothers history and siutation is what is needed. We now live in a global economy so racial and cultural cohesion is a must. We live in a time now where we are more aware of differences than ever before and we must use this as a postive to improve harmony among one another.

Happy Black history month to my BLACK people take some time to learn YOUR history. Happy Black history month to ALL people and take some time to learn MY history and maybe one day it will be taught in schools together with what is taught now as OUR history!

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Barcelona and Messi gives United a lesson in Football 101

May 29, 2011 2 comments

Wow the much hyped Champions league turned in to a total domination and made one team look like a MLS team and the other like one of the best teams of all time.

It is arguable that the current edition of Barcelona may go down as one of the best club teams ever assembled. Barcelona has been at the top of Europe for the past 3 seasons and look to be there for quite some time. The champions league final being played at Wembley gave United a slight home field advanctage but even that did nothing to help United who almost seemed like there was no hope for them in this contest, which is tough to say as Man United are also one of the best club teams in the world.

Other than the first 10 mins of this game, Barcelona dominated and Man Utd. seemed to spend the entire game running around like clowns to get possession of the ball. Even when Man Utd. gained possession, their inability to string together more than 4 passes in sucession made it a long night for them. I did not even know who was on the field for Man United as they had so little possession there was little mention of the players from the commentators other than the goalie, Van der Saar.

The statistics speak for themselves as the possession was about 2-1 in favour of Barcelona and the 3 goals were world class and Man Utd. always seemed like they were defending and on the back foot. Messi looked dangerous everytime he had the ball and his dribbling ability enabled him to blow by Man United defenders at ease. They almost seemed scared to move as Messi ran at them for fear of getting deked out of their shoes (like P-Nani did on the 3rd goal of the game).

Barcelona appears to have the complete football team from back to front and will definitely be at the top for years to come. Messi did seem to me to be overrated early in his career but now the accolades are deserved and he does have the potential to become legendary at the level reserved for Pele and Maradonna. He is already on pace to surpass them in terms of club and individual trophies, if Argentina is able to win a few world cups during the Messi era he will become the greatest of all time assuming he continues to perform as he has up to this time.

As for the game I think this Manchester United team were not as strong as some of their past teams but yesterday they were not even in the same league as Barcelona and looked totally outclassed. You could almost sense the feeling of hopelessness from the Utd. players as Barcelona continued to toy with them and do what they wanted on the field.

On a side note for those fans watching the telecast in Canada on sportsnet was it just me or was their a 2 second video delay that made everything the commentator said happen 2 secs before the video feed so you actually knew what was happening before you saw it on the TV! terrible job sportsnet!!

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Who are Sports best Athletes

April 15, 2011 3 comments

Well this is an age old question that came up the other night where most great conversations take place..At a sports bar. While spending some time with some friends and Alexander Keith we had a brief debate about which sport has the best athletes? Well let me first eliminate some sports that I have heard actually people paid to talk about sports on TV suggest. Golf more specifically Tiger, No Way! Golf is for people who are retiring why am I even trying to give examples, it’s golf!! Baseball, Uh No, unless you are playing in the middle of the field you are doing very little on the field and you get a break every inning. Football, well these guys tend to be quite athletic but I will elimate them, because 1 they play half a game as there is a defence and and on offence. Also the actual action on a football field is about 5% of the allotted time to play the game as most of the time nothing is happening the game is on pause. I will narrow the debate to 3 sports – Hockey, Basketball and yes – Soccer. In all these sports you play continuously, you play offense and defense, you use your entire body and when you look at the average player they are in physically good shape. (Some of the guys you see playing football or baseball could not be put in a rink, a ball court or a soccer field.). My vote goes to the Soccer players as I think although Hockey would likely be the hardest sport for the average person to play because it involves skating. The debate with my arguement comes down the high impact and high intensity of Hockey and Basketball vs Soccer. Reason being in Soccer most players play the full game (90 Mins). Much longer than Hockey or Basketball and do not get subbed off at all. In Hockey you take 90 sec shifts and may play 20 mins on a given night and in Basketball you tend to have most guys play 30-40 mins a night. I mean the stats for Soccer players is crazy when you see how much a player runs during a game. Even if you dont have the ball you are in constant movement whether on offense or defence. However one could argue the pace of soccer is much slower than basketball! But at the same time since Hockey and Basketball are North American and created in the birthplace of the mighty dollar. The average 48 min Basketball game or 60 min Hockey game takes 3 hours to watch from start to finish while a soccer game may take 2hrs. The soccer game is constant with no breaks other than halftime. Hockey and Basketball games tend to have numerous breaks in addtion to quarter ends and period ends. TV timeouts allow for the players to get numerous breaks that allow them to play the so called heavy minutes. Also for Hockey the inclusion of a stick and equipment devalue the athleticism of the sport, where Basketball and Soccer is man and ball strictly.

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New NBA Rankings

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Well in the first week of the season I posted my top teams which I think was Lakers, Boston, Miami, Orlando and a few other pretenders.

Now with the All star break coming up my new rankings are quite different.

1 – San Antonio. I did not rate them before and I don’t think many people did. But right not no one is playing better ball and they once again are doing like they always have as a team. These guys don’t have any one guy that’s the man but everyone as a role and they do it well. Good starters, good bench, good coach and experienced on how to win in the playoffs. This could be the last year for these guys but they will be ready come playoff time as this is the healthiest these guys have been in a while and TD will be well rested as his minutes are down. Can win with defense and offense so match up well with any opponent.

2 – Boston. Pretty much a reflection of San Antonio and have all the traits that the Spurs have but with more star power and more swagger. These guys believe when they step on the court that they are better than you and will let you know about it. With Perkins back they will be even stronger and have the size and toughness to make other teams lose mentally before the game even begins. Like San Antonio Boston has experience, depth and ability to match up and play any style.

3. Miami – The hate are rounding into form and seem to have now realized how the big three were meant to play together. Lebron pretty much runs the point and this is dangerous for any team as he can score or deliver open shots to a team that has guys who can score. Miami also continues to be a good team defensively as Lebron and Wade are two of the best 2 way players in the L. Only weakness for these guys is still who is the guy that takes the shots in crunch time? Lebron or Wade and do they know who gets the ball. The other weakness is also that often times these guys still rely on Lebron and Wade to take tough shots and get caught in them taking turns one on one and the rest of the team taking jumpers. Boston and San Antonio will make you pay if you don’t get the rest of your team joining the party. Having said that if Mike Miller does what he does, team will only be more dangerous to stop and with Lebron, Wade and Bosh that’s scary.

4. Lakers – Like I said this is my team and on paper these guys are a scar team. However on the floor these guys are not the same team. The success of the Lakers will depend on their desire when playoff time comes around and if these guys have the will to win a 3rd title. With Phil Jackson and Kobe around I think chances are you will see the Lakers start getting in to a groove towards the end of the year.With a bench that has Odom, Barnes, Blake, Shannon Stewart there is great depth and based on talent level, experience Lakers can repeat. All these teams above have beaten the Lakers this year but we will see which Lakers team they face when its Playoff time. 3 keys for the Lakers, Pau Gasol has got to go back to being one of the best offensively skilled big men in the L and get his confidence back and not get bullied into being passive. Ron Ron has to focus on ball and being the guy who shuts down Paul Pierce, Lebron/Wade, Manu who ever need be.  Not too much Kobe time, the team becomes predictable when they play give the ball to Kobe and lets watch him do his thing.

5. Chicago – I had Dallas with these guys in the 5 spot and essentially they are the same team. Both teams have great depth. Have improved on good teams they had over last year and have a clutch guy that can carry the team. Dallas has a bit more experienced team and ability to grind out games. However Chicago are gritty too and now with Boozer have a post presence and will get even better with the return of Noah assuming he is healthy. Dallas will really miss Caron Butler who is a defensive gem who can score the ball. And that swings it for Chicago who are performing well and will gain a key player, while Dallas will really miss a key player and have to step it up.

We will soon see who will be the team to do it this year but it looks real good as the matchups will be good when playoffs roll around. Orlando has talent but too many weaknesses to go all the way. Dont see any team with a chance of getting out of the East not from Miami, Boston or Chicago. In the West after San Antonio, Lakers and Dallas, the team that has a shot is the Thunder who have energy, athleticism and KD. But don’t think they have  a team to beat Spurs and Lakers. Denver remains dangerous but pretty much are the same team they were before but talent level has slightly depreciated from last year and who knows Melo may not be there come playoffs? I love this game.

Big shouts to my raps for ending the 13 game losing streak, thought they had a shot at the 8 spot in the East in that first week too and had they not lost Barbosa and Reggie Evans and some other injuries I think they may have challenged for it. Oh well seems like we gunning for a good lottery pick now. However I did predict the end of the 3 point streak this season although injuries likely killed that too!

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Raptors, can they make the playoffs in the East?

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Well we are almost 20 games into the season and my pessimistic view of the Craptors has become a lot less optimistic where I will now start calling them the Raptors again. At the beginning of the season I believed that the loss of Bosh would be detrimental to the team and the inability of us to close the deal on the Calderon trade added to the teams woes. However the emergence of the “one for all approach” on this team and their ability to still score is making a believer out of me.

Obviously when you are in the East every team has a legit shot at the playoffs. But the Raptors are starting to look a lot better than the team many people picked to finish last in the East. The deal for Barbosa is looking very good as this guy seems to be able to score at will. The Suns must feel like they were totally taken advantage of as Turkolu continues to suck. Calderon is becoming like the player he was two years ago and the young ones are getting better with each game. Not to mention Bargnani is growing in confidence and believes in himself as well as his teammates believe in him.

We were always going to be the team that had to rely on effort and hard work to win games but this team does have talent and a lot of depth which allows little drop off when we go to the bench. The addition of Bayless and Peja is a great trade on and off the court. Despite lack of PT for Peja he has shown he can still shoot and Bayless has done all you could ask in his role as backup PG.

Right now the Raps are in 8th spot and I think have a legit shot at grabbing that last spot. The only team that worries me that is currently below us in the standings are the Bucks. Cleveland, Charlotte, the other bottom feeders are teams I think we can outlast. But it will be a dog fight to the end and there remains a lot of ball to be played. Having said that yes we can make 8th and clinch a playoff spot, however this is December, check in later in the season to see if we are still Raptors and don’t become Craptors!!

Big shouts to Amir Johnson for that dutty crown off the loop from Jose yesterday, made Sefolosha (or whatever his name is) King for a day!!

Monday Night Football – Rate Vicks performance

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Mike Vick performed good enough to win and had another solid performance in the Eagles win over the Texans. He was matched by Houston’s QB, but was a little bit better and led his team to victory, with the only blip being an interception but having said that there were a couple drops by receivers in the end zone that would have made this game not so close.

The way Vick is playing and his improvement in reading defences will only continue to shine as he has an effective offensive line that gives him time to decide what needs to be done. An efficient running game also keeps defences guessing at what the Eagles will do from play to play.

My rating a B+ Very good game), 34 points, a win, – that’s a very good game in my books.

Ugly finale to MLS season

November 23, 2010 2 comments

Major League Soccer

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I had to comment on the MLS Cup finale which to me was a display of some truly ugly soccer. I consider myself to be a soccer fan and I will often watch soccer regardless of who is playing. Most of the MLS games I watched this year involved TFC and I was happy to say that TFC improved drastically over the course of the year but ended up finishing like they started and missing the play-offs again.

When I watched the final MLS game this year I was quite unfamiliar with Colorado and Dallas but it seemed that these two teams must have made it to the final not by beating the other teams but by beating up the other teams. It was one of the ugliest games I have seen in a long time and for this to be the marquee match to the end season with supposedly the 2 best teams in MLS was a shame and a mockery and a horrible way to showcase the MLS as a league trying to gain credibility. The lack of skill displayed by both teams was very apparent has it seemed like neither team was able to string together a collection of passes. The defence on both teams seemed like they were told to kick the ball as hard as they could anytime it came near them and the rest of the players must have been told to kick the other team anytime they came anywhere near them. At one point I thought I was watching Sockey and I think Brian Burke should try to draft Connor Casey as he tried to take down everything within sight. I saw a mild glimmer of hope on the first Dallas goal which was a rare moment of skill and a truly nice goal. But the game remained chippy and was capped off by 2 ugly Colorado goals which gave a fitting end to a crappy game. I was hoping for penalties as this would have been more fitting as neither team deserved to win in my eyes. Perhaps a good referee would have helped the game as this ref seemed happy to watch players kick the crap out of each other for 90 mins. And this was a ref who supposedly had a history of giving cards out like a pimp at a night club.

In the end, Colorado wins on the basis of 2 ugly goals to 1 nice goal and gives a whole new meaning to the term winning ugly!